Home Service Marmaris property needs all year round service and maintenance (Looking After Service for Your Home) The Sun Housekeeping Company

Their rent, house, villa or apartment is looked after all year round on request through our local service. Home care is a matter of trust. So that your property is professionally maintained,

We offer you our home & house service package to Marmaris.

  • After consultation with you, 1-2 x weekly inspection and ventilation
  • Check connections for water, electricity, gas, heating and air conditioning units, etc.
  • Inspection of all electrical equipment and wiring
  • Vermin control
  • Run water and flush toilets, to avoid unpleasant odors
  • Controls on security-related facilities such as windows, doors, gates, etc.
  • Postal Service, regular emptying of the Mailboxes
  • Inspection after storms
  • Yacht keeping service


Marmaris Yacht Service looking After Service For Your Yacht

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